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It was long since he had met the coming day with so much energy.When Agraphena Petrovna came in, he told her, with more firmnessthan he thought himself capable of, that he no longer needed thislodging nor her services. There had been a tacit understandingthat he was keeping up so large and expensive an establishmentbecause he was thinking of getting married. The giving up of thehouse had, therefore, a special meaning. Agraphena Petrovnalooked at him in surprise.

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"I thank you very much, Agraphena Petrovna, for all your care forme, but I no longer require so large a house nor so manyservants. If you wish to help me, be so good as to settle aboutthe things, put them away as it used to be done during mamma'slife, and when Natasha comes she will see to everything." Natashawas Nekhludoff's sister. wigtypes international shipping

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Agraphena Petrovna shook her head. "See about the things? Why,they'll be required again," she said. milly wig wig types

"No, they won't, Agraphena Petrovna; I assure you they won't berequired," said Nekhludoff, in answer to what the shaking of herhead had expressed. "Please tell Corney also that I shall pay himtwo months' wages, but shall have no further need of him." wigtypes number

"It is a pity, Dmitri Ivanovitch, that you should think of doingthis," she said. "Well, supposing you go abroad, still you'llrequire a place of residence again."

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