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"How he loves his father!" said Eugenie in a low voice. wig room

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In the utterance of those words it was impossible to mistake the hopesof a heart that, unknown to itself, had suddenly become passionate.Madame Grandet cast a mother's look upon her daughter, and thenwhispered in her ear,,

"Take care, you will love him!"

"Love him!" answered Eugenie. "Ah! if you did but know what my fathersaid to Monsieur Cruchot."

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Charles turned over, and saw his aunt and cousin.

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"I have lost my father, my poor father! If he had told me his secrettroubles we might have worked together to repair them. My God! my poorfather! I was so sure I should see him again that I think I kissed himquite coldly," r wignall artist

Sobs cut short the words.

"We will pray for him," said Madame Grandet. "Resign yourself to thewill of God."

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