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"The Court passed the sentence in accordance with the answers youyourselves gave," said the president, moving towards the frontdoor; "though they did not seem to be quite in accord." And heremembered that he had been going to explain to the jury that averdict of "guilty" meant guilty of intentional murder unless thewords "without intent to take life" were added, but had, in hishurry to get the business over, omitted to do so.

"Yes, but could not the mistake be rectified?" wig rack

"A reason for an appeal can always be found. You will have tospeak to an advocate," said the president, putting on his hat alittle to one side and continuing to move towards the door.

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"But this is terrible."

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"Well, you see, there were two possibilities before Maslova,"said the president, evidently wishing to be as polite andpleasant to Nekhludoff as he could. Then, having arranged hiswhiskers over his coat collar, he put his hand lightly underNekhludoff's elbow, and, still directing his steps towards thefront door, he said, "You are going, too?" wig qr codes new leaf

"Yes," said Nekhludoff, quickly getting his coat, and followinghim.

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They went out into the bright, merry sunlight, and had to raisetheir voices because of the rattling of the wheels on thepavement.

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