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Katusha caught sight of him over the heads of those in front ofher, and he saw how her face brightened up.

She had come out with Matrona Pavlovna on to the porch, andstopped there distributing alms to the beggars. A beggar with ared scab in place of a nose came up to Katusha. She gave himsomething, drew nearer him, and, evincing no sign of disgust, buther eyes still shining with joy, kissed him three times. Andwhile she was doing this her eyes met Nekhludoff's with a look asif she were asking, "Is this that I am doing right?" "Yes, dear,yes, it is right; everything is right, everything is beautiful. Ilove!"

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They came down the steps of the porch, and he came up to them. r wiggins jockey

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He did not mean to give them the Easter kiss, but only to benearer to her. Matrona Pavlovna bowed her head, and said with asmile, "Christ is risen!" and her tone implied, "To-day we areall equal." She wiped her mouth with her handkerchief rolled intoa ball and stretched her lips towards him.

"He is, indeed," answered Nekhludoff, kissing her. Then he lookedat Katusha; she blushed, and drew nearer. "Christ is risen,Dmitri Ivanovitch." "He is risen, indeed," answered Nekhludoff,and they kissed twice, then paused as if considering whether athird kiss were necessary, and, having decided that it was,kissed a third time and smiled. q wigs

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