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"There, little one," he said in a sarcastic tone, "do you want thosefor your twelve hundred francs?"

"Oh! father, truly? will you really give them to me?"

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"I'll give you as many more next year," he said, throwing them intoher apron. "So before long you'll get all his gewgaws," he added,rubbing his hands, delighted to be able to speculate on his daughter'sfeelings.

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Nevertheless, the old man, though still robust, felt the importance ofinitiating his daughter into the secrets of his thrift and itsmanagement. For two consecutive years he made her order the householdmeals in his presence and receive the rents, and he taught her slowlyand successively the names and remunerative capacity of his vineyardsand his farms. About the third year he had so thoroughly accustomedher to his avaricious methods that they had turned into the settledhabits of her own life, and he was able to leave the household keys inher charge without anxiety, and to install her as mistress of thehouse.

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