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In all situations women have more cause for suffering than men, andthey suffer more. Man has strength and the power of exercising it; heacts, moves, thinks, occupies himself; he looks ahead, and seesconsolation in the future. It was thus with Charles. But the womanstays at home; she is always face to face with the grief from whichnothing distracts her; she goes down to the depths of the abyss whichyawns before her, measures it, and often fills it with her tears andprayers. Thus did Eugenie. She initiated herself into her destiny. Tofeel, to love, to suffer, to devote herself,,is not this the sum ofwoman's life? Eugenie was to be in all things a woman, except in theone thing that consoles for all. Her happiness, picked up like nailsscattered on a wall,to use the fine simile of Bossuet,would never somuch as fill even the hollow of her hand. Sorrows are never long incoming; for her they came soon. The day after Charles's departure thehouse of Monsieur Grandet resumed its ordinary aspect in the eyes ofall, except in those of Eugenie, to whom it grew suddenly empty. Shewished, if it could be done unknown to her father, that Charles's roommight be kept as he had left it. Madame Grandet and Nanon were willingaccomplices in this /statu quo/. wiggle q rings

"Who knows but he may come back sooner than we think for?" she said."Ah, don't I wish I could see him back!" answered Nanon. "I took tohim! He was such a dear, sweet young man,,pretty too, with his curlyhair." Eugenie looked at Nanon. "Holy Virgin! don't look at me thatway, mademoiselle; your eyes are like those of a lost soul."From that day the beauty of Mademoiselle Grandet took a new character.The solemn thoughts of love which slowly filled her soul, and thedignity of the woman beloved, gave to her features an illuminationsuch as painters render by a halo. Before the coming of her cousin,Eugenie might be compared to the Virgin before the conception; afterhe had gone, she was like the Virgin Mother,,she had given birth tolove. These two Marys so different, so well represented by Spanishart, embody one of those shining symbols with which Christianityabounds. wig retailers

Returning from Mass on the morning after Charles's departure,,havingmade a vow to hear it daily,,Eugenie bought a map of the world, whichshe nailed up beside her looking-glass, that she might follow hercousin on his westward way, that she might put herself, were it everso little, day by day into the ship that bore him, and see him and askhim a thousand questions,,"Art thou well? Dost thou suffer? Dost thouthink of me when the star, whose beauty and usefulness thou hasttaught me to know, shines upon thee?" In the mornings she sat pensivebeneath the walnut-tree, on the worm-eaten bench covered with graylichens, where they had said to each other so many precious things, somany trifles, where they had built the pretty castles of their futurehome. She thought of the future now as she looked upward to the bit ofsky which was all the high walls suffered her to see; then she turnedher eyes to the angle where the sun crept on, and to the roof abovethe room in which he had slept. Hers was the solitary love, thepersistent love, which glides into every thought and becomes thesubstance, or, as our fathers might have said, the tissue of life.When the would-be friends of Pere Grandet came in the evening fortheir game at cards, she was gay and dissimulating; but all themorning she talked of Charles with her mother and Nanon. Nanon hadbrought herself to see that she could pity the sufferings of her youngmistress without failing in her duty to the old master, and she wouldsay to Eugenie,,

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"If I had a man for myself I'd,I'd follow him to hell, yes, I'dexterminate myself for him; but I've none. I shall die and never knowwhat life is. Would you believe, mamz'elle, that old Cornoiller (agood fellow all the same) is always round my petticoats for the sakeof my money,,just for all the world like the rats who come smellingafter the master's cheese and paying court to you? I see it all; I'vegot a shrewd eye, though I am as big as a steeple. Well, mamz'elle, itpleases me, but it isn't love."

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wig quill salisbury

Two months went by. This domestic life, once so monotonous, was nowquickened with the intense interest of a secret that bound these womenintimately together. For them Charles lived and moved beneath the grimgray rafters of the hall. Night and morning Eugenie opened thedressing-case and gazed at the portrait of her aunt. One Sundaymorning her mother surprised her as she stood absorbed in finding hercousin's features in his mother's face. Madame Grandet was then forthe first time admitted into the terrible secret of the exchange madeby Charles against her daughter's treasure.

"You gave him all!" cried the poor mother, terrified. "What will yousay to your father on New Year's Day when he asks to see your gold?"Eugenie's eyes grew fixed, and the two women lived through mortalterror for more than half the morning. They were so troubled in mindthat they missed high Mass, and only went to the military service. Inthree days the year 1819 would come to an end. In three days aterrible drama would begin, a bourgeois tragedy, without poison, ordagger, or the spilling of blood; but,as regards the actors in it,more cruel than all the fabled horrors in the family of the Atrides."What will become of us?" said Madame Grandet to her daughter, lettingher knitting fall upon her knees.

The poor mother had gone through such anxiety for the past two monthsthat the woollen sleeves which she needed for the coming winter werenot yet finished. This domestic fact, insignificant as it seems, boresad results. For want of those sleeves, a chill seized her in themidst of a sweat caused by a terrible explosion of anger on the partof her husband.

"I have been thinking, my poor child, that if you had confided yoursecret to me we should have had time to write to Monsieur des Grassinsin Paris. He might have sent us gold pieces like yours; though Grandetknows them all, perhaps,"

"Where could we have got the money?"

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