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"Will you hold your tongue, Nanon! You are to tell my wife I have goneinto the country. I shall be back to dinner. Drive fast, Cornoiller; Imust get to Angers before nine o'clock."

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The carriage drove off. Nanon bolted the great door, let loose thedog, and went off to bed with a bruised shoulder, no one in theneighborhood suspecting either the departure of Grandet or the objectof his journey. The precautions of the old miser and his reticencewere never relaxed. No one had ever seen a penny in that house, filledas it was with gold. Hearing in the morning, through the gossip of theport, that exchange on gold had doubled in price in consequence ofcertain military preparations undertaken at Nantes, and thatspeculators had arrived at Angers to buy coin, the old wine-grower, bythe simple process of borrowing horses from his farmers, seized thechance of selling his gold and of bringing back in the form oftreasury notes the sum he intended to put into the Funds, havingswelled it considerably by the exchange. wig quick weave

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"My father has gone," thought Eugenie, who heard all that took placefrom the head of the stairs. Silence was restored in the house, andthe distant rumbling of the carriage, ceasing by degrees, no longerechoed through the sleeping town. At this moment Eugenie heard in herheart, before the sound caught her ears, a cry which pierced thepartitions and came from her cousin's chamber. A line of light, thinas the blade of a sabre, shone through a chink in the door and fellhorizontally on the balusters of the rotten staircase. wigan q school

"He suffers!" she said, springing up the stairs. A second moan broughther to the landing near his room. The door was ajar, she pushed itopen. Charles was sleeping; his head hung over the side of the oldarmchair, and his hand, from which the pen had fallen, nearly touchedthe floor. The oppressed breathing caused by the strained posturesuddenly frightened Eugenie, who entered the room hastily."He must be very tired," she said to herself, glancing at a dozenletters lying sealed upon the table. She read their addresses: "ToMessrs. Farry, Breilmann, & Co., carriage-makers"; "To MonsieurBuisson, tailor," etc.

"He has been settling all his affairs, so as to leave France at once,"she thought. Her eyes fell upon two open letters. The words, "My dearAnnette," at the head of one of them, blinded her for a moment. Herheart beat fast, her feet were nailed to the floor.

"His dear Annette! He loves! he is loved! No hope! What does he say toher?"

These thoughts rushed through her head and heart. She saw the wordseverywhere, even on the bricks of the floor, in letters of fire."Resign him already? No, no! I will not read the letter. I ought to goaway,What if I do read it?"

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