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"That is a good-looking young man, madame," he said, pressing her arm."Good-by to the grapes, the vintage is done. It is all over with us.We may as well say adieu to Mademoiselle Grandet. Eugenie will belongto the dandy. Unless this cousin is enamoured of some Parisian woman,your son Adolphe will find another rival in,"

"Not at all, monsieur l'abbe. This young man cannot fail to see thatEugenie is a little fool,,a girl without the least freshness. Did younotice her to-night? She was as yellow as a quince." wigan q school

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"Perhaps you made the cousin notice it?" wigan q court

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"I did not take the trouble,"

"Place yourself always beside Eugenie, madame, and you need never takethe trouble to say anything to the young man against his cousin; hewill make his own comparisons, which,"

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