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"This woman is dead," Nekhludoff thought, looking at this oncesweet, and now defiled, puffy face, lit up by an evil glitter inthe black, squinting eyes which were now glancing at the hand inwhich he held the note, then following the inspector's movements,and for a moment he hesitated. The tempter that had been speakingto him in the night again raised its voice, trying to lead himout of the realm of his inner into the realm of his outer life,away from the question of what he should do to the question ofwhat the consequences would be, and what would he practical.

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"You can do nothing with this woman," said the voice; "you willonly tie a stone round your neck, which will help to drown youand hinder you from being useful to others. wiggins q rings

Is it not better to give her all the money that is here, saygood-bye, and finish with her forever?" whispered the voice. wigge p. a

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But here he felt that now, at this very moment, something mostimportant was taking place in his soul,that his inner life was,as it were, wavering in the balance, so that the slightest effortwould make it sink to this side or the other. And he made thiseffort by calling to his assistance that God whom he had felt inhis soul the day before, and that God instantly responded. Heresolved to tell her everything now,at once. wig quotes

"Katusha, I have come to ask you to forgive me, and you havegiven me no answer. Have you forgiven me? Will you ever forgiveme?" he asked.

She did not listen to him, but looked at his hand and at theinspector, and when the latter turned she hastily stretched outher hand, grasped the note, and hid it under her belt.

"That's odd, what you are saying there," she said, with a smileof contempt, as it seemed to him.

Nekhludoff felt that there was in her soul one who was his enemyand who was protecting her, such as she was now, and preventinghim from getting at her heart. But, strange to say, this did notrepel him, but drew him nearer to her by some fresh, peculiarpower. He knew that he must waken her soul, that this wasterribly difficult, but the very difficulty attracted him. He nowfelt towards her as he had never felt towards her or any one elsebefore. There was nothing personal in this feeling: he wantednothing from her for himself, but only wished that she might notremain as she now was, that she might awaken and become againwhat she had been.

"Katusha, why do you speak like that? I know you; I rememberyou,and the old days in Papovo."

"What's the use of recalling what's past?" she remarked, drily.

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