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"Well, now this is very strange; how could you do it all?"

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"Yes, I am the cause of it all; and it is this that has alteredall my plans." wig q cristine

"What difference can it make to you?"

"This difference: that I, being the cause of her getting on tothat path, must do all I can to help her."

"That is just according to your own good pleasure; you are notparticularly in fault there. It happens to every one, and ifone's reasonable, it all gets smoothed over and forgotten," shesaid, seriously and severely. "Why should you place it to youraccount? There's no need. I had already heard before that she hadstrayed from the right path. Well, whose fault is it?"

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"Mine! that's why I want to put it right." wig p

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"It is hard to put right."

"That is my business. But if you are thinking about yourself,then I will tell you that, as mamma expressed the wish,"

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