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The des Grassins soon learned the facts of the failure and the violentdeath of Guillaume Grandet, and they determined to go to theirclient's house that very evening to commiserate his misfortune andshow him some marks of friendship, with a view of ascertaining themotives which had led him to invite the Cruchots to dinner. Atprecisely five o'clock Monsieur C. de Bonfons and his uncle the notaryarrived in their Sunday clothes. The party sat down to table and beganto dine with good appetites. Grandet was grave, Charles silent,Eugenie dumb, and Madame Grandet did not say more than usual; so thatthe dinner was, very properly, a repast of condolence. When they rosefrom table Charles said to his aunt and uncle,,

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"Will you permit me to retire? I am obliged to undertake a long andpainful correspondence."

"Certainly, nephew."

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