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Still he would not give in to the feelings of repentance whichbegan to arise within him. He tried to consider it all as acoincidence, which would pass without infringing his manner oflife. He felt himself in the position of a puppy, when itsmaster, taking it by the scruff of its neck, rubs its nose in themess it has made. The puppy whines, draws back and wants to getaway as far as possible from the effects of its misdeed, but thepitiless master does not let go. wig quality

And so, Nekhludoff, feeling all the repulsiveness of what he haddone, felt also the powerful hand of the Master, but he did notfeel the whole significance of his action yet and would notrecognise the Master's hand. He did not wish to believe that itwas the effect of his deed that lay before him, but the pitilesshand of the Master held him and he felt he could not get away. Hewas still keeping up his courage and sat on his chair in thefirst row in his usual self-possessed pose, one leg carelesslythrown over the other, and playing with his pince-nez. Yet allthe while, in the depths of his soul, he felt the cruelty,cowardice and baseness, not only of this particular action of hisbut of his whole self-willed, depraved, cruel, idle life; andthat dreadful veil which had in some unaccountable manner hiddenfrom him this sin of his and the whole of his subsequent life wasbeginning to shake, and he caught glimpses of what was covered bythat veil. wig quill pub salisbury

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At last the president finished his speech, and lifting the listof questions with a graceful movement of his arm he handed it tothe foreman, who came up to take it. The jury, glad to be able toget into the debating-court, got up one after the other and leftthe room, looking as if a bit ashamed of themselves and again notknowing what to do with their hands. As soon as the door wasclosed behind them a gendarme came up to it, pulled his sword outof the scabbard, and, holding it up against his shoulder, stoodat the door. The judges got up and went away. The prisoners werealso led out. When the jury came into the debating-room the firstthing they did was to take out their cigarettes, as before, andbegin smoking. The sense of the unnaturalness and falseness oftheir position, which all of them had experienced while sittingin their places in the court, passed when they entered thedebating-room and started smoking, and they settled down with afeeling of relief and at once began an animated conversation.

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