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"No, they won't, Agraphena Petrovna; I assure you they won't berequired," said Nekhludoff, in answer to what the shaking of herhead had expressed. "Please tell Corney also that I shall pay himtwo months' wages, but shall have no further need of him." wig quotes

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"It is a pity, Dmitri Ivanovitch, that you should think of doingthis," she said. "Well, supposing you go abroad, still you'llrequire a place of residence again."

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"You are mistaken in your thoughts, Agraphena Petrovna; I am notgoing abroad. If I go on a journey, it will be to quite adifferent place." He suddenly blushed very red. "Yes, I must tellher," he thought; "no hiding; everybody must be told."

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"A very strange and important thing happened to me yesterday. Doyou remember my Aunt Mary Ivanovna's Katusha?" wig q cristine

"Oh, yes. Why, I taught her how to sew."

"Well, this Katusha was tried in the Court and I was on thejury."

"Oh, Lord! What a pity!" cried Agraphena Petrovna. What was shebeing tried for?"

"Murder; and it is I have done it all."

"Well, now this is very strange; how could you do it all?"

"Yes, I am the cause of it all; and it is this that has alteredall my plans."

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