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The poor woman was only too happy to buy peace at the cost of elevenfrancs. She knew that Grandet would let her alone for a fortnightafter he had thus taken back, franc by franc, the money he had givenher. wig pictures

"Here, Cornoiller," she said, slipping ten francs into the man's hand,"some day we will reward your services."

Cornoiller could say nothing, so he went away. owigs reviews

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"Madame," said Nanon, who had put on her black coif and taken herbasket, "I want only three francs. You keep the rest; it'll go fastenough somehow."

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"Have a good dinner, Nanon; my cousin will come down," said Eugenie."Something very extraordinary is going on, I am certain of it," saidMadame Grandet. "This is only the third time since our marriage thatyour father has given a dinner."

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