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"Ah, one can't go against God," said Korableva, with a sigh."One can't, my dear." owigs coarse yaki clip ins

"I know, granny. Still, it's hard." wig out play

They were silent for a while. orwigsburg

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"Do you hear that baggage?" whispered Korableva, drawingMaslova's attention to a strange sound proceeding from the otherend of the room.

This sound was the smothered sobbing of the red-haired woman. Thered-haired woman was crying because she had been abused and hadnot got any of the vodka she wanted so badly; also because sheremembered how all her life she had been abused, mocked at,offended, beaten. Remembering this, she pitied herself, and,thinking no one heard her, began crying as children cry, sniffingwith her nose and swallowing the salt tears.

"I'm sorry for her," said Maslova.

"Of course one is sorry," said Korableva, "but she shouldn't comebothering." Resurrection


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