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"I did not take the money nor give the drink, nor go into theroom. Had I gone in I should have kicked her out." wig over locs


"So you do not plead guilty?"

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"Very well."

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"Katerina Maslova," the president began, turning to the thirdprisoner, "you are accused of having come from the brothel withthe key of the merchant Smelkoff's portmanteau, money, and aring." He said all this like a lesson learned by heart, leaningtowards the member on his left, who was whispering into his carthat a bottle mentioned in the list of the material evidence wasmissing. "Of having stolen out of the portmanteau money and aring," he repeated, "and shared it. Then, returning to thelodging house Mauritania with Smelkoff, of giving him poison inhis drink, and thereby causing his death. Do you plead guilty?"

"I am not guilty of anything," she began rapidly. "As I saidbefore I say again, I did not take it,I did not take it; I didnot take anything, and the ring he gave me himself."

"You do not plead guilty of having stolen 2,500 roubles?" askedthe president.

"I've said I took nothing but the 40 roubles."

"Well, and do you plead guilty of having given the merchantSmelkoff a powder in his drink?"

"Yes, that I did. Only I believed what they told me, that theywere sleeping powders, and that no harm could come of them. Inever thought, and never wished. . . God is my witness; I say, Inever meant this," she said.

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