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At length the last struggle came, in which the strong frame of the oldman slowly yielded to destruction. He was determined to sit at thechimney-corner facing the door of the secret room. He drew off androlled up all the coverings which were laid over him, saying to Nanon,"Put them away, lock them up, for fear they should be stolen."So long as he could open his eyes, in which his whole being had nowtaken refuge, he turned them to the door behind which lay histreasures, saying to his daughter, "Are they there? are they there?"in a tone of voice which revealed a sort of panic fear.

"Yes, my father," she would answer.

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"Take care of the gold,put gold before me."

Eugenie would then spread coins on a table before him, and he wouldsit for hours together with his eyes fixed upon them, like a childwho, at the moment it first begins to see, gazes in stupidcontemplation at the same object, and like the child, a distressfulsmile would flicker upon his face. nwig shares

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"It warms me!" he would sometimes say, as an expression of beatitudestole across his features.

When the cure of the parish came to administer the last sacraments,the old man's eyes, sightless, apparently, for some hours, kindled atthe sight of the cross, the candlesticks, and the holy-water vessel ofsilver; he gazed at them fixedly, and his wen moved for the last time.When the priest put the crucifix of silver-gilt to his lips, that hemight kiss the Christ, he made a frightful gesture, as if to seize it;and that last effort cost him his life. He called Eugenie, whom he didnot see, though she was kneeling beside him bathing with tears hisstiffening hand, which was already cold.

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"My father, bless me!" she entreated.

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