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"Do you love me?" she said. n wigmore

"Oh, yes! indeed, yes!" he answered, with a depth of tone thatrevealed an equal depth of feeling. n-wifi lcd cover

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"I shall wait, Charles,Good heavens! there is my father at hiswindow," she said, repulsing her cousin, who leaned forward to kissher.

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She ran quickly under the archway. Charles followed her. When she sawhim, she retreated to the foot of the staircase and opened the swing-door; then, scarcely knowing where she was going, Eugenie reached thecorner near Nanon's den, in the darkest end of the passage. ThereCharles caught her hand and drew her to his heart. Passing his armabout her waist, he made her lean gently upon him. Eugenie no longerresisted; she received and gave the purest, the sweetest, and yet,withal, the most unreserved of kisses.

"Dear Eugenie, a cousin is better than a brother, for he can marryyou," said Charles. wigs n more

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