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Yes, this was she. He now clearly saw in her face that strange,indescribable individuality which distinguishes every face fromall others; something peculiar, all its own, not to be foundanywhere else. In spite of the unhealthy pallor and the fulnessof the face, it was there, this sweet, peculiar individuality; onthose lips, in the slight squint of her eyes, in the voice,particularly in the naive smile, and in the expression ofreadiness on the face and figure. nwig shares

"You should have said so," remarked the president, again in agentle tone. "Your patronymic?"

"I am illegitimate."

"Well, were you not called by your godfather's name?"

"Yes, Mikhaelovna." wig net

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"And what is it she can be guilty of?" continued Nekhludoff, inhis mind, unable to breathe freely.

"Your family name,your surname, I mean?" the president went on. m. wigger

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