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"Then why did the president not do it?"

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"I, too, should like to know why," Fanarin said, laughing. wig names

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"Then the Senate will, of course, correct this error?" m wight

"That will all depend on who will preside there at the time.Well, now, there it is. I have further said," he continued,rapidly, "a verdict of this kind gave the Court no right tocondemn Maslova to be punished as a criminal, and to applysection 3, statute 771 of the penal code to her case. This is adecided and gross violation of the basic principles of ourcriminal law. In view of the reasons stated, I have the honour ofappealing to you, etc., etc., the refutation, according to 909,910, and section 2, 912 and 928 statute of the criminal code,etc., etc. . . . to carry this case before another department ofthe same Court for a further examination. There; all that can bedone is done, but, to be frank, I have little hope of success,though, of course, it all depends on what members will be presentat the Senate. If you have any influence there you can but try."

"I do know some." m wiggle

All right; only be quick about it. Else they'll all go off for achange of air; then you may have to wait three months before theyreturn. Then, in case of failure, we have still the possibilityof appealing to His Majesty. This, too, depends on the privateinfluence you can bring to work. In this case, too, I am at yourservice; I mean as to the working of the petition, not theinfluence."

"Thank you. Now as to your fees?"

"My assistant will hand you the petition and tell you."

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