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During an interval Nekhludoff got up and went out into thecorridor, with the intention of not returning to the court. Letthem do what they liked with him, he could take no more part inthis awful and horrid tomfoolery.

Having inquired where the Procureur's cabinet was he wentstraight to him. The attendant did not wish to let him in, sayingthat the Procureur was busy, but Nekhludoff paid no heed and wentto the door, where he was met by an official. He asked to beannounced to the Procureur, saying he was on the jury and had avery important communication to make. m.wightbay

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His title and good clothes were of assistance to him. Theofficial announced him to the Procureur, and Nekhludoff was letin. The Procureur met him standing, evidently annoyed at thepersistence with which Nekhludoff demanded admittance. wig meaning

"What is it you want?" the Procureur asked, severely.

"I am on the jury; my name is Nekhludoff, and it is absolutelynecessary for me to see the prisoner Maslova," Nekhludoff said,quickly and resolutely, blushing, and feeling that he was takinga step which would have a decisive influence on his life.

The Procureur was a short, dark man, with short, grizzly hair,quick, sparkling eyes, and a thick beard cut close on hisprojecting lower jaw.

"Maslova? Yes, of course, I know. She was accused of poisoning,"the Procureur said, quietly. "But why do you want to see her?"And then, as if wishing to tone down his question, he added, "Icannot give you the permission without knowing why you requireit." wig net

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