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The president here whispered to one of the members, then stoopedto the other, and having received their consent, he said: "TheCourt considers the reading of this report superfluous." Thesecretary stopped reading and folded the paper, and the publicprosecutor angrily began to write down something. "The gentlemenof the jury may now examine the articles of material evidence,"said the president. The foreman and several of the others roseand went to the table, not quite knowing what to do with theirhands. They looked in turn at the glass, the test tube, and thering. The merchant even tried on the ring.

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"Ah! that was a finger," he said, returning to his place; "like acucumber," he added. Evidently the image he had formed in hismind of the gigantic merchant amused him. wig types facebook

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CHAPTER XXI. wigtypes instagram

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