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"Poor Nanon!" said Eugenie, pressing her hand. l wig death note cosplay

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"I've made it downright good and dainty, and /he/ never found it out.I bought the lard and the spices out of my six francs: I'm themistress of my own money"; and she disappeared rapidly, fancying sheheard Grandet. m. wigger

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For several months the old wine-grower came constantly to his wife'sroom at all hours of the day, without ever uttering his daughter'sname, or seeing her, or making the smallest allusion to her. MadameGrandet did not leave her chamber, and daily grew worse. Nothingsoftened the old man; he remained unmoved, harsh, and cold as agranite rock. He continued to go and come about his business as usual;but ceased to stutter, talked less, and was more obdurate in businesstransactions than ever before. Often he made mistakes in adding up hisfigures.

"Something is going on at the Grandets," said the Grassinists and theCruchotines.

"What has happened in the Grandet family?" became a fixed questionwhich everybody asked everybody else at the little evening-parties ofSaumur. Eugenie went to Mass escorted by Nanon. If Madame des Grassinssaid a few words to her on coming out of church, she answered in anevasive manner, without satisfying any curiosity. However, at the endof two months, it became impossible to hide, either from the threeCruchots or from Madame des Grassins, the fact that Eugenie was inconfinement. There came a moment when all pretexts failed to explainher perpetual absence. Then, though it was impossible to discover bywhom the secret had been betrayed, all the town became aware that eversince New Year's day Mademoiselle Grandet had been kept in her roomwithout fire, on bread and water, by her father's orders, and thatNanon cooked little dainties and took them to her secretly at night.It was even known that the young woman was not able to see or takecare of her mother, except at certain times when her father was out ofthe house.

Grandet's conduct was severely condemned. The whole town outlawed him,so to speak; they remembered his treachery, his hard-heartedness, andthey excommunicated him. When he passed along the streets, peoplepointed him out and muttered at him. When his daughter came down thewinding street, accompanied by Nanon, on her way to Mass or Vespers,the inhabitants ran to the windows and examined with intense curiositythe bearing of the rich heiress and her countenance, which bore theimpress of angelic gentleness and melancholy. Her imprisonment and thecondemnation of her father were as nothing to her. Had she not a mapof the world, the little bench, the garden, the angle of the wall? Didshe not taste upon her lips the honey that love's kisses left there?She was ignorant for a time that the town talked about her, just asGrandet himself was ignorant of it. Pious and pure in heart beforeGod, her conscience and her love helped her to suffer patiently thewrath and vengeance of her father.

One deep grief silenced all others. Her mother, that gentle, tendercreature, made beautiful by the light which shone from the inner tothe outer as she approached the tomb,,her mother was perishing fromday to day. Eugenie often reproached herself as the innocent cause ofthe slow, cruel malady that was wasting her away. This remorse, thoughher mother soothed it, bound her still closer to her love. Everymorning, as soon as her father left the house, she went to the bedsideof her mother, and there Nanon brought her breakfast. The poor girl,sad, and suffering through the sufferings of her mother, would turnher face to the old servant with a mute gesture, weeping, and yet notdaring to speak of her cousin. It was Madame Grandet who first foundcourage to say,,

"Where is /he/? Why does /he/ not write?"

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