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"Early?" said Madame Grandet. wig making

"Yes; but I wanted to put my things in order. Well, I shall be glad tohave anything to eat,,anything, it doesn't matter what, a chicken, apartridge." wig making caps

"Holy Virgin!" exclaimed Nanon, overhearing the words. wig makers near me

"A partridge!" whispered Eugenie to herself; she would gladly havegiven the whole of her little hoard for a partridge. wig manufacturers

"Come and sit down," said his aunt.

The young dandy let himself drop into an easy-chair, just as a prettywoman falls gracefully upon a sofa. Eugenie and her mother tookordinary chairs and sat beside him, near the fire.

"Do you always live here?" said Charles, thinking the room uglier bydaylight than it had seemed the night before.

"Always," answered Eugenie, looking at him, "except during thevintage. Then we go and help Nanon, and live at the Abbaye desNoyers."

"Don't you ever take walks?"

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