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"Oh, but he is not so very young."

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"Yes. But how tiresome your famous Ivoshenka was. He carries theday by wearying one out. He talked and talked without end."

"Oh, that kind of people should be simply stopped, or they willbecome real obstructionists."



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From the Procureur Nekhludoff went straight to the preliminarydetention prison. However, no Maslova was to be found there, andthe inspector explained to Nekhludoff that she would probably bein the old temporary prison. Nekhludoff went there. wig maker dallas

Yes, Katerina Maslova was there.

The distance between the two prisons was enormous, and Nekhludoffonly reached the old prison towards evening. He was going up tothe door of the large, gloomy building, but the sentinel stoppedhim and rang. A warder came in answer to the bell. Nekhludoffshowed him his order of admittance, but the warder said he couldnot let him in without the inspector's permission. Nekhludoffwent to see the inspector. As he was going up the stairs he hearddistant sounds of some complicated bravura, played on the piano.When a cross servant girl, with a bandaged eye, opened the doorto him, those sounds seemed to escape from the room and to strikehis car. It was a rhapsody of Liszt's, that everybody was tiredof, splendidly played but only to one point. When that point wasreached the same thing was repeated. Nekhludoff asked thebandaged maid whether the inspector was in. She answered that hewas not in.

"Will he return soon?"

The rhapsody again stopped and recommenced loudly and brilliantlyagain up to the same charmed point.

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