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"I should like to know why Kartinkin invited only Maslova, andnone of the other girls, for the lodgers?" said the publicprosecutor, with half-closed eyes and a cunning, Mephistopheliansmile.

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"I don't know. How should I know?" said Maslova, casting afrightened look round, and fixing her eyes for a moment onNekhludoff. "He asked whom he liked." wig types helen

"Is it possible that she has recognised me?" thought Nekhludoff,and the blood rushed to his face. But Maslova turned away withoutdistinguishing him from the others, and again fixed her eyesanxiously on the public prosecutor.

"So the prisoner denies having had any intimate relations withKartinkin? Very well, I have no more questions to ask."

And the public prosecutor took his elbow off the desk, and beganwriting something. He was not really noting anything down, butonly going over the letters of his notes with a pen, having seenthe procureur and leading advocates, after putting a cleverquestion, make a note, with which, later on, to annihilate theiradversaries. wigtypes free shipping code

The president did not continue at once, because he was consultingthe member with the spectacles, whether he was agreed that thequestions (which had all been prepared be forehand and writtenout) should be put.

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"Well! What happened next?" he then went on.

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"I came home," looking a little more boldly only at thepresident, "and went to bed. Hardly had I fallen asleep when oneof our girls, Bertha, woke me. 'Go, your merchant has comeagain!' He",she again uttered the word HE with evident horror,"he kept treating our girls, and then wanted to send for morewine, but his money was all gone, and he sent me to his lodgingsand told me where the money was, and how much to take. So Iwent."

The president was whispering to the member on his left, but, inorder to appear as if he had heard, he repeated her last words.

"So you went. Well, what next?"

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