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"I am he," answered Nekhludoff. l wiggins group

The usher bowed to him, looking over his pince-nez, politely andpleasantly, as if wishing to distinguish him from the others.

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"Captain Youri Demitrievitch-Dantchenko, merchant; GrigoriEuphimitch Kouleshoff," etc. All but two were present.

"Now please to come to the court, gentlemen," said the usher,pointing to the door, with an amiable wave of his hand.

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All moved towards the door, pausing to let each other pass. Thenthey went through the corridor into the court. wig l bug

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The court was a large, long room. At one end there was a raisedplatform, with three steps leading up to it, on which stood atable, covered with a green cloth trimmed with a fringe of adarker shade. At the table were placed three arm-chairs, withhigh-carved oak backs; on the wall behind them hung afull-length, brightly-coloured portrait of the Emperor in uniformand ribbon, with one foot in advance, and holding a sword. In theright corner hung a case, with an image of Christ crowned withthorns, and beneath it stood a lectern, and on the same side theprosecuting attorney's desk. On the left, opposite the desk, wasthe secretary's table, and in front of it, nearer the public, anoak grating, with the prisoners' bench, as yet unoccupied, behindit. Besides all this, there were on the right side of theplatform high-backed ashwood chairs for the jury, and on thefloor below tables for the advocates. All this was in the frontpart of the court, divided from the back by a grating.

The back was all taken up by seats in tiers. Sitting on the frontseats were four women, either servant or factory girls, and twoworking men, evidently overawed by the grandeur of the room, andnot venturing to speak above a whisper.

Soon after the jury had come in the usher entered, with hissideward gait, and stepping to the front, called out in a loudvoice, as if he meant to frighten those present, "The Court iscoming!" Every one got up as the members stepped on to theplatform. Among them the president, with his muscles and finewhiskers. Next came the gloomy member of the Court, who was nowmore gloomy than ever, having met his brother-in-law, whoinformed him that he had just called in to see his sister (themember's wife), and that she had told him that there would be nodinner there.

"So that, evidently, we shall have to call in at a cook shop,"the brother-in-law added, laughing.

"It is not at all funny," said the gloomy member, and becamegloomier still.

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