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"Merciful heaven! Eugenie," cried the mother, flushing with joy, "comeand kiss your father; he forgives you!"

But the old man had disappeared. He was going as fast as his legscould carry him towards his vineyards, trying to get his confusedideas into order. Grandet had entered his seventy-sixth year. Duringthe last two years his avarice had increased upon him, as all thepersistent passions of men increase at a certain age. As if toillustrate an observation which applies equally to misers, ambitiousmen, and others whose lives are controlled by any dominant idea, hisaffections had fastened upon one special symbol of his passion. Thesight of gold, the possession of gold, had become a monomania. Hisdespotic spirit had grown in proportion to his avarice, and to partwith the control of the smallest fraction of his property at the deathof his wife seemed to him a thing "against nature." To declare hisfortune to his daughter, to give an inventory of his property, landedand personal, for the purposes of division, wig makers

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"Why," he cried aloud in the midst of a field where he was pretendingto examine a vine, "it would be cutting my throat!" wig meme

He came at last to a decision, and returned to Saumur in time fordinner, resolved to unbend to Eugenie, and pet and coax her, that hemight die regally, holding the reins of his millions in his own handsso long as the breath was in his body. At the moment when the old man,who chanced to have his pass-key in his pocket, opened the door andclimbed with a stealthy step up the stairway to go into his wife'sroom, Eugenie had brought the beautiful dressing-case from the oakcabinet and placed it on her mother's bed. Mother and daughter, inGrandet's absence, allowed themselves the pleasure of looking for alikeness to Charles in the portrait of his mother.

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"It is exactly his forehead and his mouth," Eugenie was saying as theold man opened the door. At the look which her husband cast upon thegold, Madame Grandet cried out,,

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"O God, have pity upon us!"

The old man sprang upon the box as a famished tiger might spring upona sleeping child.

"What's this?" he said, snatching the treasure and carrying it to thewindow. "Gold, good gold!" he cried. "All gold,,it weighs two pounds!Ha, ha! Charles gave you that for your money, did he? Hein! Why didn'tyou tell me so? It was a good bargain, little one! Yes, you are mydaughter, I see that," Eugenie trembled in every limb. "This camefrom Charles, of course, didn't it?" continued the old man."Yes, father; it is not mine. It is a sacred trust."

"Ta, ta, ta, ta! He took your fortune, and now you can get it back.""Father!"

Grandet took his knife to pry out some of the gold; to do this, heplaced the dressing-case on a chair. Eugenie sprang forward to recoverit; but her father, who had his eye on her and on the treasure too,pushed her back so violently with a thrust of his arm that she fellupon her mother's bed.

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