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She lived in this manner till she was sixteen, when the nephew ofthe old ladies, a rich young prince, and a university student,came to stay with his aunts, and Katusha, not daring toacknowledge it even to herself, fell in love with him.

Then two years later this same nephew stayed four days with hisaunts before proceeding to join his regiment, and the nightbefore he left he betrayed Katusha, and, after giving her a100-rouble note, went away. Five months later she knew forcertain that she was to be a mother. After that everything seemedrepugnant to her, her only thought being how to escape from theshame that awaited her. She began not only to serve the ladies ina half-hearted and negligent way, but once, without knowing howit happened, was very rude to them, and gave them notice, a thingshe repented of later, and the ladies let her go, noticingsomething wrong and very dissatisfied with her. Then she got ahousemaid's place in a police-officer's house, but stayed thereonly three months, for the police officer, a man of fifty, beganto torment her, and once, when he was in a specially enterprisingmood, she fired up, called him "a fool and old devil," and gavehim such a knock in the chest that he fell. She was turned outfor her rudeness. It was useless to look for another situation,for the time of her confinement was drawing near, so she went tothe house of a village midwife, who also sold wine. Theconfinement was easy; but the midwife, who had a case of fever inthe village, infected Katusha, and her baby boy had to be sent tothe foundlings' hospital, where, according to the words of theold woman who took him there, he at once died. When Katusha wentto the midwife she had 127 roubles in all, 27 which she hadearned and 100 given her by her betrayer. When she left she hadbut six roubles; she did not know how to keep money, but spent iton herself, and gave to all who asked. The midwife took 40roubles for two months' board and attendance, 25 went to get thebaby into the foundlings' hospital, and 40 the midwife borrowedto buy a cow with. Twenty roubles went just for clothes anddainties. Having nothing left to live on, Katusha had to look outfor a place again, and found one in the house of a forester. Theforester was a married man, but he, too, began to annoy her fromthe first day. He disgusted her, and she tried to avoid him. Buthe, more experienced and cunning, besides being her master, whocould send her wherever he liked, managed to accomplish hisobject. His wife found it out, and, catching Katusha and herhusband in a room all by themselves, began beating her. Katushadefended herself, and they had a fight, and Katusha got turnedout of the house without being paid her wages. k wigs lexington nc

Then Katusha went to live with her aunt in town. The aunt'shusband, a bookbinder, had once been comfortably off, but hadlost all his customers, and had taken to drink, and spent all hecould lay hands on at the public-house. The aunt kept a littlelaundry, and managed to support herself, her children, and herwretched husband. She offered Katusha the place of an assistantlaundress; but seeing what a life of misery and hardship heraunt's assistants led, Katusha hesitated, and applied to aregistry office for a place. One was found for her with a ladywho lived with her two sons, pupils at a public day school. Aweek after Katusha had entered the house the elder, a big fellowwith moustaches, threw up his studies and made love to her,continually following her about. His mother laid all the blame onKatusha, and gave her notice. l wig ebay

It so happened that, after many fruitless attempts to find asituation, Katusha again went to the registry office, and theremet a woman with bracelets on her bare, plump arms and rings onmost of her fingers. Hearing that Katusha was badly in want of aplace, the woman gave her her address, and invited her to come toher house. Katusha went. The woman received her very kindly, setcake and sweet wine before her, then wrote a note and gave it toa servant to take to somebody. In the evening a tall man, withlong, grey hair and a white beard, entered the room, and sat downat once near Katusha, smiling and gazing at her with glisteningeyes. He began joking with her. The hostess called him away intothe next room, and Katusha heard her say, "A fresh one from thecountry," Then the hostess called Katusha aside and told her thatthe man was an author, and that he had a great deal of money, andthat if he liked her he would not grudge her anything. He didlike her, and gave her 25 roubles, promising to see her often.The 25 roubles soon went; some she paid to her aunt for board andlodging; the rest was spent on a hat, ribbons, and such like. Afew days later the author sent for her, and she went. He gave heranother 25 roubles, and offered her a separate lodging. k wigs lexington nc

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