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Nanon gave her mistress an arm, Eugenie gave her another; but it wasonly with infinite difficulty that they could get her upstairs, shefell with exhaustion at every step. Grandet remained alone. However,in a few moments he went up six or eight stairs and called out,,"Eugenie, when your mother is in bed, come down." wig lengths

"Yes, father." k wigs lexington nc hours

She soon came, after reassuring her mother.

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"My daughter," said Grandet, "you will now tell me what you have donewith your gold." l wig ebay

"My father, if you make me presents of which I am not the solemistress, take them back," she answered coldly, picking up thenapoleon from the chimney-piece and offering it to him.

Grandet seized the coin and slipped it into his breeches' pocket."I shall certainly never give you anything again. Not so much asthat!" he said, clicking his thumb-nail against a front tooth. "Do youdare to despise your father? have you no confidence in him? Don't youknow what a father is? If he is nothing for you, he is nothing at all.Where is your gold?"

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