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"That's the way, always spending my money!" cried the father. "Do youthink there are francs on every bush?"

At this moment a muffled cry, more distressing than all the others,echoed through the garrets and struck a chill to the hearts of Eugenieand her mother. l wig tutorial

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"Nanon, go upstairs and see that he does not kill himself," saidGrandet. "Now, then," he added, looking at his wife and daughter, whohad turned pale at his words, "no nonsense, you two! I must leave you;I have got to see about the Dutchmen who are going away to-day. Andthen I must find Cruchot, and talk with him about all this."He departed. As soon as he had shut the door Eugenie and her motherbreathed more freely. Until this morning the young girl had never feltconstrained in the presence of her father; but for the last few hoursevery moment wrought a change in her feelings and ideas. l wig styling tutorial

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"Mamma, how many louis are there in a cask of wine?"

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