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"Well, but I must do what I came here for," he said, trying topick up courage. "What is to be done now?" He looked round for anofficial, and seeing a thin little man in the uniform of anofficer going up and down behind the people, he approached him.

"Can you tell me, sir," he said, with exceedingly strainedpoliteness of manner, "where the women are kept, and where one isallowed to interview them?" wig logo

"Is it the women's ward you want to go to?"

"Yes, I should like to see one of the women prisoners,"Nekhludoff said, with the same strained politeness.

"You should have said so when you were in the hall. Who is it,then, that you want to see?" l wig tutorial

"I want to see a prisoner called Katerina Maslova." wing king

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