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As he heard this cry of noble distress the young man's tears fell uponhis cousin's hands, which he had caught in his own to keep her fromkneeling. As the warm tears touched her, Eugenie sprang to the purseand poured its contents upon the table.

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"Ah! yes, yes, you consent?" she said, weeping with joy. "Fearnothing, my cousin, you will be rich. This gold will bring youhappiness; some day you shall bring it back to me,,are we notpartners? I will obey all conditions. But you should not attach suchvalue to the gift."

Charles was at last able to express his feelings.

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"Yes, Eugenie; my soul would be small indeed if I did not accept. Andyet,,gift for gift, confidence for confidence." k wigs monroe nc

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"What do you mean?" she said, frightened.

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