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"You have not got your gold!" cried Grandet, starting up erect, like ahorse that hears a cannon fired beside him. j wiggins block paving

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"You are mistaken, Eugenie."

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"By the shears of my father!"

Whenever the old man swore that oath the rafters trembled."Holy Virgin! Madame is turning pale," cried Nanon.

"Grandet, your anger will kill me," said the poor mother."Ta, ta, ta, ta! nonsense; you never die in your family! Eugenie, whathave you done with your gold?" he cried, rushing upon her."Monsieur," said the daughter, falling at Madame Grandet's knees, "mymother is ill. Look at her; do not kill her."

Grandet was frightened by the pallor which overspread his wife's face,usually so yellow.

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