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"Goodness!" cried Nanon, "you needn't tell me that."

Grandet cast a look that was well-nigh paternal upon his faithfuldeputy.

"Mademoiselle," she cried, when his back was turned, "we shall havethe /galette/."

Pere Grandet returned from the garden with the fruit and arranged aplateful on the kitchen-table. j wiggy

"Just see, monsieur," said Nanon, "what pretty boots your nephew has.What leather! why it smells good! What does he clean it with, Iwonder? Am I to put your egg-polish on it?"

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"Nanon, I think eggs would injure that kind of leather. Tell him youdon't know how to black morocco; yes, that's morocco. He will get yousomething himself in Saumur to polish those boots with. I have heardthat they put sugar into the blacking to make it shine." wig knotting

"They look good to eat," said the cook, putting the boots to her nose."Bless me! if they don't smell like madame's eau-de-cologne. Ah! howfunny!"

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"Funny!" said her master. "Do you call it funny to put more money intoboots than the man who stands in them is worth?" j wiggins msu

"Monsieur," she said, when Grandet returned the second time, afterlocking the fruit-garden, "won't you have the /pot-au-feu/ put on onceor twice a week on account of your nephew?"


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