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"Are not you as good as they? They are descended from Adam, and so areyou."

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Grandet came back to the president and said,,

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"No, not I; I shall keep it. If the wine is good this year, it will bebetter two years hence. The proprietors, you know, have made anagreement to keep up the price; and this year the Belgians won't getthe better of us. Suppose they are sent off empty-handed for once,faith! they'll come back."

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"Yes, but let us mind what we are about," said Grandet in a tone whichmade the president tremble.

"Is he driving some bargain?" thought Cruchot.

At this moment the knocker announced the des Grassins family, andtheir arrival interrupted a conversation which had begun betweenMadame Grandet and the abbe.

Madame des Grassins was one of those lively, plump little women, withpink-and-white skins, who, thanks to the claustral calm of theprovinces and the habits of a virtuous life, keep their youth untilthey are past forty. She was like the last rose of autumn,,pleasantto the eye, though the petals have a certain frostiness, and theirperfume is slight. She dressed well, got her fashions from Paris, setthe tone to Saumur, and gave parties. Her husband, formerly aquartermaster in the Imperial guard, who had been desperately woundedat Austerlitz, and had since retired, still retained, in spite of hisrespect for Grandet, the seeming frankness of an old soldier."Good evening, Grandet," he said, holding out his hand and affecting asort of superiority, with which he always crushed the Cruchots."Mademoiselle," he added, turning to Eugenie, after bowing to MadameGrandet, "you are always beautiful and good, and truly I do not knowwhat to wish you." So saying, he offered her a little box which hisservant had brought and which contained a Cape heather,,a flowerlately imported into Europe and very rare.

Madame des Grassins kissed Eugenie very affectionately, pressed herhand, and said: "Adolphe wishes to make you my little offering."A tall, blond young man, pale and slight, with tolerable manners andseemingly rather shy, although he had just spent eight or ten thousandfrancs over his allowance in Paris, where he had been sent to studylaw, now came forward and kissed Eugenie on both cheeks, offering hera workbox with utensils in silver-gilt,,mere show-case trumpery, inspite of the monogram E.G. in gothic letters rather well engraved,which belonged properly to something in better taste. As she openedit, Eugenie experienced one of those unexpected and perfect delightswhich make a young girl blush and quiver and tremble with pleasure.She turned her eyes to her father as if to ask permission to acceptit, and Monsieur Grandet replied: "Take it, my daughter," in a tonewhich would have made an actor illustrious.

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