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"I was on the jury to-day, and we have condemned a woman toSiberia, an innocent woman. This bothers me very much."Nekhludoff, to his own surprise, blushed and became confused.Fanarin glanced at him rapidly, and looked down again, listening. wing king

"Well?" wing king

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"We have condemned a woman, and I should like to appeal to ahigher court."

"To the Senate, you mean," said Fanarin, correcting him. wig joelle

"Yes, and I should like to ask you to take the case in hand."Nekhludoff wanted to get the most difficult part over, and added,"I shall take the costs of the case on myself, whatever they maybe." wig joelle

"Oh, we shall settle all that," said the advocate, smiling withcondescension at Nekhludoff's inexperience in these matters."What is the case?"

Nekhludoff stated what had happened.

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