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"Yes, in full, capital and interest; and I am about to do honor to hismemory,"

"What folly!" exclaimed his mother-in-law. "Who is this?" shewhispered in Grandet's ear, perceiving the president.

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"My man of business," he answered in a low voice.

The marquise bowed superciliously to Monsieur de Bonfons."We are pushing each other's fortunes already," said the president,taking up his hat. "Good-by, cousin."

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"He is laughing at me, the old cockatoo! I'd like to put six inches ofiron into him!" muttered Charles. wig kinzy

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The president was out of hearing. Three days later Monsieur deBonfons, on his return to Saumur, announced his marriage with Eugenie.Six months after the marriage he was appointed councillor in the Courroyale at Angers. Before leaving Saumur Madame de Bonfons had the goldof certain jewels, once so precious to her, melted up, and put,together with the eight thousand francs paid back by her cousin, intoa golden pyx, which she gave to the parish church where she had solong prayed for /him/. She now spent her time between Angers andSaumur. Her husband, who had shown some public spirit on a certainoccasion, became a judge in the superior courts, and finally, after afew years, president of them. He was anxiously awaiting a generalelection, in the hope of being returned to the Chamber of deputies. Hehankered after a peerage; and then,

"The king will be his cousin, won't he?" said Nanon, la Grande Nanon,Madame Cornoiller, bourgeoise of Saumur, as she listened to hermistress, who was recounting the honors to which she was called.Nevertheless, Monsieur de Bonfons (he had finally abolished hispatronymic of Cruchot) did not realize any of his ambitious ideas. Hedied eight days after his election as deputy of Saumur. God, who seesall and never strikes amiss, punished him, no doubt, for his sordidcalculations and the legal cleverness with which, /accurante Cruchot/,he had drawn up his marriage contract, in which husband and wife gaveto each other, "in case they should have no children, their entireproperty of every kind, landed or otherwise, without exception orreservation, dispensing even with the formality of an inventory;provided that said omission of said inventory shall not injure theirheirs and assigns, it being understood that this deed of gift is,etc., etc." This clause of the contract will explain the profoundrespect which monsieur le president always testified for the wishes,and above all, for the solitude of Madame de Bonfons. Women cited himas the most considerate and delicate of men, pitied him, and even wentso far as to find fault with the passion and grief of Eugenie, blamingher, as women know so well how to blame, with cruel but discreetinsinuation.

"Madame de Bonfons must be very ill to leave her husband entirelyalone. Poor woman! Is she likely to get well? What is it? Somethinggastric? A cancer?","She has grown perfectly yellow. She ought toconsult some celebrated doctor in Paris.","How can she be happywithout a child? They say she loves her husband; then why not give himan heir?,in his position, too!","Do you know, it is really dreadful!If it is the result of mere caprice, it is unpardonable. Poorpresident!"

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