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"Mademoiselle," said the notary, "it is my duty to point out to youthat you are despoiling yourself without guarantee,"

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"Good heavens! what is all that to me?" j wigmore roofing ltd

"Hold your tongue, Cruchot! It's settled, all settled," cried Grandet,taking his daughter's hand and striking it with his own. "Eugenie, youwon't go back on your word?,you are an honest girl, hein?""Oh! father!,"

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He kissed her effusively, and pressed her in his arms till he almostchoked her. wig kit for beginners

"Go, my good child, you restore your father's life; but you onlyreturn to him that which he gave you: we are quits. This is howbusiness should be done. Life is a business. I bless you! you are avirtuous girl, and you love your father. Do just what you like infuture. To-morrow, Cruchot," he added, looking at the horrifiednotary, "you will see about preparing the deed of relinquishment, andthen enter it on the records of the court." j wig shop

The next morning Eugenie signed the papers by which she herselfcompleted her spoliation. At the end of the first year, however, inspite of his bargain, the old man had not given his daughter one souof the hundred francs he had so solemnly pledged to her. When Eugeniepleasantly reminded him of this, he could not help coloring, and wenthastily to his secret hiding-place, from whence he brought down abouta third of the jewels he had taken from his nephew, and gave them toher.

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