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Without denying that she had taken part in the stealing of themoney, he insisted on the fact that she had no intention ofpoisoning Smelkoff, but had given him the powder only to make himfall asleep. He tried to go in for a little eloquence in giving adescription of how Maslova was led into a life of debauchery by aman who had remained unpunished while she had to bear all theweight of her fall; but this excursion into the domain ofpsychology was so unsuccessful that it made everybody feeluncomfortable. When he muttered something about men's cruelty andwomen's helplessness, the president tried to help him by askinghim to keep closer to the facts of the case. When he had finishedthe public prosecutor got up to reply. He defended his positionagainst the first advocate, saying that oven if Botchkova was ofunknown parentage the truth of the doctrine of heredity wasthereby in no way invalidated, since the laws of heredity were sofar proved by science that we can not only deduce the crime fromheredity, but heredity from the crime. As to the statement madein defence of Maslova, that she was the victim of an imaginary(he laid a particularly venomous stress on the word imaginary)betrayer, he could only say that from the evidence before them itwas much more likely that she had played the part of temptress tomany and many a victim who had fallen into her hands. Having saidthis he sat down in triumph. Then the prisoners were offeredpermission to speak in their own defence.

Euphemia Botchkova repeated once more that she knew nothing aboutit and had taken part in nothing, and firmly laid the whole blameon Maslova. Simeon Kartinkin only repeated several times: "It isyour business, but I am innocent; it's unjust." Maslova saidnothing in her defence. Told she might do so by the president,she only lifted her eyes to him, cast a look round the room likea hunted animal, and, dropping her head, began to cry, sobbingaloud. j wig shop

i wiggle my fingers poem

"What is the matter?" the merchant asked Nekhludoff, hearing himutter a strange sound. This was the sound of weeping fiercelykept back. Nekhludoff had not yet understood the significance ofhis present position, and attributed the sobs he could hardlykeep back and the tears that filled his eyes to the weakness ofhis nerves. He put on his pince-nez in order to hide the tears,then got out his handkerchief and began blowing his nose.

Fear of the disgrace that would befall him if every one in thecourt knew of his conduct stifled the inner working of his soul.This fear was, during this first period, stronger than all else.

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