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She did not answer, but sighed deeply and heavily. wigjig templates


"He would not let me go," she said, after a moment's silence,"and I was quite tired out, and so I went out into the passageand said to Simeon, 'If he would only let me go, I am so tired.'And he said, 'We are also sick of him; we were thinking of givinghim a sleeping draught; he will fall asleep, and then you cango.' So I said all right. I thought they were harmless, and hegave me the packet. I went in. He was lying behind the partition,and at once called for brandy. I took a bottle of 'finechampagne' from the table, poured out two glasses, one for himand one for myself, and put the powders into his glass, and gaveit him. Had I known how could I have given them to him?" wigjig

"Well, and how did the ring come into your possession? asked thepresident. "When did he give it you?"

"That was when we came back to his lodgings. I wanted to go away,and he gave me a knock on the head and broke my comb. I got angryand said I'd go away, and he took the ring off his finger andgave it to me so that I should not go," she said.

Then the public prosecutor again slightly raised himself, and,putting on an air of simplicity, asked permission to put a fewmore questions, and, having received it, bending his head overhis embroidered collar, he said: "I should like to know how longthe prisoner remained in the merchant Smelkoff's room."

Maslova again seemed frightened, and she again looked anxiouslyfrom the public prosecutor to the president, and said hurriedly:

"I do not remember how long."

"Yes, but does the prisoner remember if she went anywhere else inthe lodging-house after she left Smelkoff?"

Maslova considered for a moment. "Yes, I did go into an emptyroom next to his."

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