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"Give me my glass, Nanon," said the master

Eugenie brought the glass. Grandet drew a horn-handled knife with abig blade from his breeches' pocket, cut a slice of bread, took asmall bit of butter, spread it carefully on the bread, and ate itstanding. At this moment Charlie was sweetening his coffee. PereGrandet saw the bits of sugar, looked at his wife, who turned pale,and made three steps forward; he leaned down to the poor woman's earand said,, wig types half wigs

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"Where did you get all that sugar?" wig types human hair

"Nanon fetched it from Fessard's; there was none." wig types delivery

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It is impossible to picture the profound interest the three women tookin this mute scene. Nanon had left her kitchen and stood looking intothe room to see what would happen. Charles, having tasted his coffee,found it bitter and glanced about for the sugar, which Grandet hadalready put away.

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