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"Two, three, four thousand francs, perhaps! The property would have tobe put up at auction and sold, to get at its actual value. Instead ofthat, if you are on good terms with,"

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"By the shears of my father!" cried Grandet, turning pale as hesuddenly sat down, "we will see about it, Cruchot."

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After a moment's silence, full of anguish perhaps, the old man lookedat the notary and said,,

"Life is very hard! It has many griefs! Cruchot," he continuedsolemnly, "you would not deceive me? Swear to me upon your honor thatall you've told me is legally true. Show me the law; I must see thelaw!"

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"My poor friend," said the notary, "don't I know my own business?""Then it is true! I am robbed, betrayed, killed, destroyed by my owndaughter!"

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"It is true that your daughter is her mother's heir."

"Why do we have children? Ah! my wife, I love her! Luckily she's soundand healthy; she's a Bertelliere."

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