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Grandet scratched his ear, and there was a moment's silence."My dear uncle," resumed Charles, looking at him with an uneasy air,as if he feared to wound his feelings, "my aunt and cousin have beenkind enough to accept a trifling remembrance of me. Will you allow meto give you these sleeve-buttons, which are useless to me now? Theywill remind you of a poor fellow who, far away, will always think ofthose who are henceforth all his family."

"My lad, my lad, you mustn't rob yourself this way! Let me see, wife,what have you got?" he added, turning eagerly to her. "Ah! a goldthimble. And you, little girl? What! diamond buttons? Yes, I'll acceptyour present, nephew," he answered, shaking Charles by the hand. "But,you must let me,pay,your,yes, your passage to the Indies. Yes, Iwish to pay your passage because,d'ye see, my boy?,in valuing yourjewels I estimated only the weight of the gold; very likely theworkmanship is worth something. So let us settle it that I am to giveyou fifteen hundred francs,in /livres/; Cruchot will lend them to me.I haven't got a copper farthing here,,unless Perrotet, who isbehindhand with his rent, should pay up. By the bye, I'll go and seehim."

He took his hat, put on his gloves, and went out.

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