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"I'm all p-p-put ab-b-bout by what you've t-t-told me. This is thef-first t-t-time in my life I have b-been obliged to th-th-think,""Yes, you are not a lawyer." i wiggle and cannot see

"I'm only a p-p-poor wine-g-grower, and know n-nothing about wh-whatyou have just t-told me; I m-m-must th-think about it."

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"Very good," said the president, preparing to resume his argument."Nephew!" said the notary, interrupting him in a warning tone."Well, what, uncle?" answered the president. j wiggins

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"Let Monsieur Grandet explain his own intentions. The matter inquestion is of the first importance. Our good friend ought to definehis meaning clearly, and," wig jina

A loud knock, which announced the arrival of the des Grassins family,succeeded by their entrance and salutations, hindered Cruchot fromconcluding his sentence. The notary was glad of the interruption, forGrandet was beginning to look suspiciously at him, and the wen gavesigns of a brewing storm. In the first place, the notary did not thinkit becoming in a president of the Civil courts to go to Paris andmanipulate creditors and lend himself to an underhand job whichclashed with the laws of strict integrity; moreover, never havingknown old Grandet to express the slightest desire to pay anything, nomatter what, he instinctively feared to see his nephew taking part inthe affair. He therefore profited by the entrance of the des Grassinsto take the nephew by the arm and lead him into the embrasure of thewindow,,

"You have said enough, nephew; you've shown enough devotion. Yourdesire to win the girl blinds you. The devil! you mustn't go at ittooth and nail. Let me sail the ship now; you can haul on the braces.Do you think it right to compromise your dignity as a magistrate insuch a,"

He stopped, for he heard Monsieur des Grassins saying to the oldcooper as they shook hands,,

"Grandet, we have heard of the frightful misfortunes which have justbefallen your family,,the failure of the house of Guillaume Grandetand the death of your brother. We have come to express our grief atthese sad events."

"There is but one sad event," said the notary, interrupting thebanker,,"the death of Monsieur Grandet, junior; and he would neverhave killed himself had he thought in time of applying to his brotherfor help. Our old friend, who is honorable to his finger-nails,intends to liquidate the debts of the Maison Grandet of Paris. To savehim the worry of legal proceedings, my nephew, the president, has justoffered to go to Paris and negotiate with the creditors for asatisfactory settlement."

These words, corroborated by Grandet's attitude as he stood silentlynursing his chin, astonished the three des Grassins, who had beenleisurely discussing the old man's avarice as they came along, verynearly accusing him of fratricide.

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