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"Butter! then you can't have the /galette/." wig jannie

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"Nanon, bring the butter," cried Eugenie. wig japanese

The young girl watched her cousin as he cut his sippets, with as muchpleasure as a grisette takes in a melodrama where innocence and virtuetriumph. Charles, brought up by a charming mother, improved, andtrained by a woman of fashion, had the elegant, dainty, foppishmovements of a coxcomb. The compassionate sympathy and tenderness of ayoung girl possess a power that is actually magnetic; so that Charles,finding himself the object of the attentions of his aunt and cousin,could not escape the influence of feelings which flowed towards him,as it were, and inundated him. He gave Eugenie a bright, caressinglook full of kindness,,a look which seemed itself a smile. Heperceived, as his eyes lingered upon her, the exquisite harmony offeatures in the pure face, the grace of her innocent attitude, themagic clearness of the eyes, where young love sparkled and desireshone unconsciously.

"Ah! my dear cousin, if you were in full dress at the Opera, I assureyou my aunt's words would come true,,you would make the men committhe mortal sin of envy, and the women the sin of jealousy."The compliment went to Eugenie's heart and set it beating, though shedid not understand its meaning.

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"Oh! cousin," she said, "you are laughing at a poor little countrygirl." j wiggins

"If you knew me, my cousin, you would know that I abhor ridicule; itwithers the heart and jars upon all my feelings." Here he swallowedhis buttered sippet very gracefully. "No, I really have not enoughmind to make fun of others; and doubtless it is a great defect. InParis, when they want to disparage a man, they say: 'He has a goodheart.' The phrase means: 'The poor fellow is as stupid as arhinoceros.' But as I am rich, and known to hit the bull's-eye atthirty paces with any kind of pistol, and even in the open fields,ridicule respects me."

"My dear nephew, that bespeaks a good heart."

"You have a very pretty ring," said Eugenie; "is there any harm inasking to see it?"

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