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"Lawks! the old one's playful," said the woman, taking his actionfor a caress. i wiggle my fingers poem

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"Now, then, be quick; get ready for the mass." Maslova had hardlytime to do her hair and dress when the inspector came with hisassistants. wig jannie

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"Come out for inspection," cried a jailer.

Some more prisoners came out of other cells and stood in two rowsalong the corridor; each woman had to place her hand on theshoulder of the woman in front of her. They were all counted.

After the inspection the woman warder led the prisoners tochurch. Maslova and Theodosia were in the middle of a column ofover a hundred women, who had come out of different cells. Allwere dressed in white skirts, white jackets, and wore whitekerchiefs on their heads, except a few who had their own colouredclothes on. These were wives who, with their children, werefollowing their convict husbands to Siberia. The whole flight ofstairs was filled by the procession. The patter of softly-shodfeet mingled with the voices and now and then a laugh. Whenturning, on the landing, Maslova saw her enemy, Botchkova, infront, and pointed out her angry face to Theodosia. At the bottomof the stairs the women stopped talking. Bowing and crossingthemselves, they entered the empty church, which glistened withgilding. Crowding and pushing one another, they took their placeson the right.

After the women came the men condemned to banishment, thoseserving their term in the prison, and those exiled by theirCommunes; and, coughing loudly, they took their stand, crowdingthe left side and the middle of the church.

On one side of the gallery above stood the men sentenced to penalservitude in Siberia, who had been let into the church before theothers. Each of them had half his head shaved, and their presencewas indicated by the clanking of the chains on their feet. On theother side of the gallery stood those in preliminary confinement,without chains, their heads not shaved.

The prison church had been rebuilt and ornamented by a richmerchant, who spent several tens of thousands of roubles on it,and it glittered with gay colours and gold. For a time there wassilence in the church, and only coughing, blowing of noses, thecrying of babies, and now and then the rattling of chains, washeard. But at last the convicts that stood in the middle moved,pressed against each other, leaving a passage in the centre ofthe church, down which the prison inspector passed to take hisplace in front of every one in the nave.

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