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"I see something has happened," she said. "Tell me, what is thematter with you?"

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He remembered the meeting in the law court, and frowned andblushed. i wiggle

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"Yes, something has happened," he said, wishing to be truthful;"a very unusual and serious event."

"What is it, then? Can you not tell me what it is?" She waspursuing her aim with that unconscious yet obstinate cunningoften observable in the mentally diseased. j wiggins

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"Not now. Please do not ask me to tell you. I have not yet hadtime fully to consider it," and he blushed still more.

"And so you will not tell me?" A muscle twitched in her face andshe pushed back the chair she was holding. "Well then, come!" Sheshook her head as if to expel useless thoughts, and, faster thanusual, went on in front of him.

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