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"You do not plead guilty of having stolen 2,500 roubles?" askedthe president.

"I've said I took nothing but the 40 roubles."

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"Well, and do you plead guilty of having given the merchantSmelkoff a powder in his drink?" wig jannie

"Yes, that I did. Only I believed what they told me, that theywere sleeping powders, and that no harm could come of them. Inever thought, and never wished. . . God is my witness; I say, Inever meant this," she said. wig is fashion coupon

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"So you do not plead guilty of having stolen the money and thering from the merchant Smelkoff, but confess that you gave himthe powder?" said the president.

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"Well, yes, I do confess this, but I thought they were sleepingpowders. I only gave them to make him sleep; I never meant andnever thought of worse."

"Very well," said the president, evidently satisfied with theresults gained. "Now tell us how it all happened," and he leanedback in his chair and put his folded hands on the table. "Tell usall about it. A free and full confession will be to youradvantage."

Maslova continued to look at the president in silence, andblushing.

"Tell us how it happened."

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