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From that day a life of chronic sin against human and divine lawscommenced for Katusha Maslova, a life which is led by hundreds ofthousands of women, and which is not merely tolerated butsanctioned by the Government, anxious for the welfare of itssubjects; a life which for nine women out of ten ends in painfuldisease, premature decrepitude, and death.

Katusha Maslova lived this life for seven years. During theseyears she twice changed houses, and had once been to thehospital. In the seventh year of this life, when she wastwenty-six years old, happened that for which she was put inprison and for which she was now being taken to be tried, aftermore than three months of confinement with thieves and murderersin the stifling air of a prison.

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When Maslova, wearied out by the long walk, reached the building,accompanied by two soldiers, Prince Dmitri Ivanovitch Nekhludoff,who had seduced her, was still lying on his high bedstead, with afeather bed on the top of the spring mattress, in a fine, clean,well-ironed linen night shirt, smoking a cigarette, andconsidering what he had to do to-day, and what had happenedyesterday.

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Recalling the evening he had spent with the Korchagins, a wealthyand aristocratic family, whose daughter every one expected hewould marry, he sighed, and, throwing away the end of hiscigarette, was going to take another out of the silver case; but,changing his mind, he resolutely raised his solid frame, and,putting down his smooth, white legs, stepped into his slippers,threw his silk dressing gown over his broad shoulders, and passedinto his dressing-room, walking heavily and quickly. There hecarefully cleaned his teeth, many of which were filled, withtooth powder, and rinsed his mouth with scented elixir. Afterthat he washed his hands with perfumed soap, cleaned his longnails with particular care, then, from a tap fixed to his marblewashstand, he let a spray of cold water run over his face andstout neck. Having finished this part of the business, he wentinto a third room, where a shower bath stood ready for him.Having refreshed his full, white, muscular body, and dried itwith a rough bath sheet, he put on his fine undergarments and hisboots, and sat down before the glass to brush his black beard andhis curly hair, that had begun to get thin above the forehead.Everything he used, everything belonging to his toilet, hislinen, his clothes, boots, necktie, pin, studs, was of the bestquality, very quiet, simple, durable and costly. wig it gripper

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